For a general overview of the CoastSnap project, please refer to the following publication that was published in a special issue on community outreach initiatives in the scientific journal Continental Shelf Research:

Harley, M.D. and Kinsela, M. (2022) CoastSnap: A global citizen science program to monitor changing coastlines, Continental Shelf Research, 245, 104795,

For more specific technical details about how CoastSnap images can be used by scientists and engineers to map shoreline change, please refer to:

Harley, M.D., Kinsela, M., Sánchez-García, E. and Vos, K. (2019) Shoreline change mapping using crowd-sourced smartphone images, Coastal Engineering, 150, 175-189, https://doi:10.1016/j.coastaleng.2019.04.003



  • We have reached 20,000 CoastSnaps! Thank you to everyone for your ongoing participation in helping to track changing coastlines!

  • Welcome to the new CostSnap Citizen Science project website! Check out our new CoastSnap app! We have partnered with CitizenScience company SPOTTERON to bring you a new and exciting way to monitor coastline change around the world