About the project

CoastSnap is a global citizen science project to capture our changing coastlines. No matter where you are in the world, if you have a smartphone and an interest in the coast, we welcome you to participate!

Each month we award a "DIY Station of the Month" to highlight some of the huge monitoring efforts taken by the CoastSnap community using the "DIY station" option in the CoastSnap App. The winner of this monthly award gets to see all their snaps converted into a timelapse video to watch their beach change over time. Check out our previous winners below!

April 2021 - Charlie Bell (Barlings Beach, New South Wales, Australia)

Congratulations to Charlie Bell, winner of the DIY Station of the Month for April 2021. Charlie has been monitoring this spectular beach on the South Coast of New South Wales in SE Australia known as Barlings Beach. What a beautiful location and hardly a person in site! You can see all of Charlies photos from this site on the CoastSnap map.

March 2021 - Rob Brander (Coalcliff, New South Wales, Australia)

Congratulations to Rob Brander, the inaugural winner of the DIY Station of the Month! This site is known as Coalcliff Beach and is situated between the cities of Wollongong and Sydney in SE Australia. Pay close attention to the rocks on the beach to watch the sand come and go with the varying waves as well as an intermittent creek that appears during high rainfall. You can see all of Rob's photos by clicking on the CoastSnap map here.